• Blu Cigs, Apollo Cigs and Green Smart Living: The User’s Choice!

    In the huge gathering of electronic cigarettes it is very hard to select the best one. There are a lot of criteria on the basis of which they can be judged. The wise customers will compare different leading electronic cigarettes brands to know about the available features. The users will be very happy to know that Blu, Apollo, and Green Smart Living are available with each and every options that can be included in electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are such a device which cannot be judged perfectly by the users’ review. You need to check it by yourself. This is because, the choice can vary from user to user.

    Comprehensive review of Blu, Apollo, and Green Smart Living E-cig

    Blu electronic cigarettes are now providing four popular starter kits for all level of customers. The customers can get their choice of e-liquid flavors as there are almost thirty unique flavors to ensure maximum amount of customers. The customers are very selective nowadays. This is why Blu has introduced several models so that the users can choose from a wide variety.

    The most attractive and exceptional part of Blu electronic cigarettes are the easiest and multiple charging option which can make a great change in selection. There will be two types of batteries which are of different model and capabilities. The car charging option and grand standard carrying case will allow the customers to carry the device in long trip, offices, or any other workplaces.

    Apollo is another successful company which is available with all relevant accessories of electronic cigarettes. Apollo has also got all types of starter kits to meet the raising demand of the customers. Apollo has it advanced level e-cig which will contain much more e-liquids for long lasting vaping service. The cartomizer of tank of Apollo electronic cigarettes are developed and use latest technology to produce vapor. It will not make any burnt smell which can eventually change the flavors.

    On the other hand, Green Smart Living is a different type of electronic cigarette reviewed by the customers which has a different motto. The main aim of GSL electronic cigarette is to ensure a smoke free life and greener planet. It has non-nicotine e-liquid flavors for the users. The flavors will not add any type of harmful ingredients which can pollute the air. Moreover, this e-cig is designed to vape anywhere without any irritation of the surrounding people. Even, you can use it in your office. As there are all type of charging options of GSL, you need not think about the charge.

    Without coupon codes option electronic cigarette will not be that much popular and convenient which we see the leading brands are. As three top most brands of electronic cigarette GSL, Apollo, and Blu all of them are providing lucrative discount through this promotional code services. You can surely save up to 40% of the total price by using this coupon codes option. Here are some that we’ve found. Enjoy!

    10% off Blu Cigs Coupon
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    20% off Green Smart Living Coupon

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  • Who Are The Top 5 Vendors for E-liquid?

    E-liquid matters a lot in case you are using e-cigs. Actually, it is the main demand which should be met carefully to make e-cig usages up to the expectation of the customers. Most of the e-companies provides e-liquid individually. The top vendors of e-liquid are now available with all possible e-liquids for the users. Most importantly, the flavors are now more hygienic and more suitable for the users. They are meeting the wider demand of the customers and the popular vendors are launching different new e-liquids as well. It is tough enough to find out the best one from the worldwide market of e-liquid vendors. However, the top leading vendors by the reviews of customers and experts will let you know about the best vendors or e-liquids.

    Review of Top 5 Vendors of E-liquid

    If you explore the present market condition of e-liquid flavors you will be confused to select the top leading e-liquid vendors. In USA there are the maximum number of vendors. The best e-liquid vendors are also from USA. The competition are making them best of all. The review of this article is going to show you the top 5 e-liquid vendors in 2014.

    The first one is NicQuid E-liquid. A 5ml bottle of this e-liquid will cost you around $4.89. Why this e-liquid is best? The prime reasons behind this are the features introduced in it. Most importantly, it has a child-proof lock cap. The taste of this e-liquid is very delicious. Even you will get four different categories of e-liquid to choose from. NicQuid is produced in completely safe and sterile labs. From the customers review this e-liquid has get 5 stars out of 5.

    Another one is Mount Baker Vapor. It will provide a 15ml bottle in only $4.99. The best thing in this e-liquid is the customization option of the very own percentage of PG or VG. The main reasons of being one of the top vendors of e-liquid is providing over 200 different flavors. This is not the only reason. If you use this e-liquid you will find that it has very new flavors in its e-liquid.

    Halo E-liquid, Apollo E-liquid, and V2 cigs are the other three of the top 5 e-liquids vendors. They will cost you successively $5.99, $6.99, and $3.75. Halo is popular for its high quality control of their e-liquids. They provide 25 unique flavors for the users. On the other hand, Apollo makes the best fruit and cocktail flavors in the industry. The last but not the least is V2 cigs as they got the best tobacco flavors in the industry.

    One most important side of these e-liquid vendors is coupon codes option. You can think it as one of the reasons of their success. No vendor will be able to lead from a top position in e-liquid market if does not provide discount option for their loyal customers. You will get a significant amount of coupon codes in case of purchasing any of these e-liquids. Check out some coupon codes that you can use for your E-liquids today.

    10% off Mt Baker Vapor
    15% off Halo Ecigs
    25% off Apollo E Cigs
    10% off Blu Cigs

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  • V2, Halo, and Apollo Flavors Matching With Your Favorite Drinks

    V2, Halo, and Apollo these three are in the top position in the e-cig market. It has a lot of flavors available to choose from. However, some flavors are very similar to different drinks in the market. It can be similar to the favorite drinks of the users. This is really very amazing that you are getting your drink’s taste at the time of vaping too. It will make you happy and will attract the users to choose those flavors. Sometimes people confuse themselves to select their suitable flavors. It will help a lot if that matches with the drinks you drink.

    V2 Flavors which Match to the Drinks
    In V2 there are a lot of flavors. However, some are very similar to some drinks. Mint Chocolate Truffle is one of the best flavors in V2. It mainly matches with the Vodka. It will provide you the flavors of Russian vodka drink with some mixer too. There is another one, Bourbon with classical American spirit with old fashioned over ice drinks flavors will be provided by V2 Red and V2 Congress. In Brazil Caipirnha is one type of official cocktail there which will match with V2 Menthol flavor in your e-cig. These are very common all over the world. If you sip Fernet and Cola it will be almost similar to V2 Peppermint. As there are thousands of drinks and a lot of flavors in V2, it becomes hard to find our similarities between these two. Moreover, the common few can be detected easily as they already have got the popularity.

    Halo Flavors Which Match with Drinks
    Halo which is providing around 30 flavors to satisfy the customers. However, some will satisfy you in some other ways. That is it will act like your drinks. The Midnight Apple which is very similar to mild drinks at night. It will provide a combined flavor of sweet granny apple and mild tobacco flavors with the juice like drink taste. However, if depends on your drinking habit. Captain Jack is very common Vodka drink flavor and available in most of the e-cig companies. This one is very delicious flavor in fact. There is another drink like flavor which is called Voodoo. It is popular enough to the beginner as it is smooth fruit taste.

    Apollo Flavors Which Match with Drinks
    Apollo is best for its flavors. The flavors are so attractive as they are similar to the taste of the drinks that the users used to. However, the French Vanilla is one of the best one which the users prefer most. The other flavors which match with the drinks are RY4, Cherry and Menthol Breeze are the best which will suit you as drink flavors. The Tobacco Flavored Drinks will also match with some tobacco flavors of Apollo such as Classical Tobacco.

    In conclusion, it is really amazing how E-cigs can provide us with flavors which can be perfect to be paired for our drinks. This is the way to appeal the customers. They will be influenced by the taste he or she is getting from it. The perfect match will make it possible to secure maximum users. And the companies manage to notch up more users with the clever use of Apollo e cig promo codes, V2 cigs discount codes and Halo ecig coupon codes. They want to reward the customers for staying loyal to their brand and in this endeavor they dole out some alluring coupon codes and deals, which save you a lot of money!

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  • Enjoy Sports Games Even Better With Electronic Cigarettes

    vaping 1024x640 Enjoy Sports Games Even Better With Electronic CigarettesQ

    This June and July we have experience a lot of big sporting events. The Spurs and Miami battled it up against each other in the NBA 2014 championship where in Spurs get the chance to revenge their lost last year. Then we have the World Cup in Brazil which is now down to the last 8 teams including my favorite to win which is Germany. In these sporting events we saw many people using electronic cigarettes freely while watching the game. We even saw celebrities vaping like Rihanna in Miami Game 3. It is just one of the many perks of E-cigarettes I guess.

    Did you know that watching sports and using e-cigarettes go hand in hand? While smoking at an arena, or the majority of sports venues or sports bars is not really socially acceptable, nor generally even allowed anymore, vaping is allowed. It is the way to do it! And, if you are routing for your favorite team, it would be more enjoyable with an E-cig in your hand. While smoking cigarettes during the heat of the game will force you outdoors, possibly causing you to miss some of the intense action, or relegate you to viewing strictly the updates on your phone, e-cigs allow you to be in on the action as it happens.

    Even if you are just watching in your home, E-cigarettes are still the way to go. Smoking inside your house can make your house smell bad and at risk on fire. Vaping allows you to enjoy your sports in front of the tube while having a satisfying hit. Vapor is a rather pleasant thing, as it has no odor, no smell at all really, contains no smoke, no tobacco, and dissipates virtually within seconds. It’s the ideal companion to game watching, and for being in the midst company.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your E-cigs now and prepare for some sports action. The world cup finals is about to begin in a few days. Our most recommended is Mt Baker Vapor.

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  • Taking Your V2 Cigs With You This Summer

    v2 cigs review 27 Taking Your V2 Cigs With You This Summer

    It’s summer time already and you are surely planning your vacation now. But before hitting the road, make sure your V2 cigs are properly packed, prepared and ready to go. Your vacation would not be complete without the awesome vaping experience that V2 cigs can give. To help you with that, here are some packing tips to make sure that your V2 cigs will be a part of your summer vacation.

    Tip #1: Get a Portable Charging Case it doubles as a protection and holder of your V2 cigs and it can also charge your V2 cigs while you are on the go. When you are in vacation, you are surely outside more often so there are no electrical outlets. With a PCC, you don’t have to worry about charging your V2 cigs battery while you’re out.

    Tip #2: Make sure you bring extra cartridges and/or V2 e-liquids because it is really hard to order online (and wait for your order while you are in vacation). If you end up vaping more frequently than usual, you’ll be prepared.

    Tip #2: Bring along at least one V2 Disposable for each day of your trip. You’ll appreciate the convenience of not having to charge batteries and/or refill cartridges while on-the-go.

    Tip #4: Keep all of your vaping supplies in one place for easy portability. A tool box is perfect for it as there are partitions for your E-cig supplies. Also have a mini pouch so you can take out what you’ll be using that day and place it there.

    Tip #5: If you are planning a road trip this summer, make sure that you have the V2 car adapter charger so you dont have to worry about draining any of your electric cigarette batteries before reaching your destination. You can also bring your V2 Power cig so you can charge your V2 cigs while vaping. Just be careful driving while vaping.

    Tip #6: If you are flying with your V2 cigs, then you got to be more prepare than the usual. Make sure you pack all your flavor cartridges and E-liquid in a transparent bottle and put it on your carry-on bag. It is also best if you separate the E-cig batteries and put it in a pouch and then in the bag with other electronic devices. This way it would not get any unnecessary attention at all. If you want to vape while waiting at the airport, you should first check the rules in the certain airport you are in. Some airports allow vaping in all the areas of their airports while other treat it same as traditional cigarettes and can only be use in smoking areas.

    Bonus V2 Cigs Coupons

    To help you have a better summer, here are some V2 cigs coupons for you get instant discounts. Enjoy!

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